Best Hair Transplant in Noida

Hair transplant treatment has emerged as the first choice for people facing hair loss in this 21st century. Earlier, the transplant procedure was a difficult and expensive task to do. Now, it has become a common treatment. Over time, the cases of hair loss due to stress, pollution, male pattern baldness, and scalp injury have increased. It leads to the need for ideal solutions like Hair Transplant in Noida.

Noida is one of the most popular metro cities in India, offering jobs, health, and financial facilities to the natives. It shares borders with the national capital Delhi. Thus, people from all over the country visit Noida and get treatment for their health issues. It is also a hub of top hair transplant clinics and doctors. Patients from India and other nations visit this city for treatment.

If you are searching for the best Hair transplant doctor in Noida, then we have a complete list of Hair transplant Surgeons. These clinics and doctors specialize in their field. Moreover, an experienced staff and well-equipped clinic are exemplary.

Best Hair Transplant in Noida

A permanent hair restoration procedure is the biggest hope of people to achieve their dreams of having a full head of hair. In Noida, male pattern baldness is a big concern. Everyone wants a permanent solution for their baldness, and a Hair transplant fulfills this need.

Hair transplant involves taking healthy hair-bearing skin from the scalp and transplanting it after separating it into pieces on other sections of the scalp having baldness. There are different techniques to perform this surgery. It requires specialists to get successful results. Most of the clinics in the region provide pre-surgery and post-surgery consultations to reduce any risk of failure.

Applied Techniques of Hair Transplant

Different techniques are used to perform hair transplant surgery. The opted transplant procedure, and the patient’s requirements are decisive factors in choosing hair transplant treatment. FUE and DHI are the main techniques of surgery. But with the evolution of technology, these techniques are modified into extreme procedures making the treatment comfortable and affordable. Here are four main techniques used to perform the surgery-

FUE (Follicular Unit extraction)- This procedure is the most popular hair transplant treatment for men and women. Surgeons use the latest technology to perform this procedure involving graft harvesting from the donor area and transplanting to the balding area of the head. No stitches are required in the surgery because the hair is transplanted into the thinning area just like seeds are planted in the soil. The patient is given Local anesthesia with the help of a thin needle in the area to avoid pain. The patient should take after-surgery precautions to reduce discomfort.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)- DHI is a painless hair transplant technique leaving no scar on the scalp. This procedure requires the expertise of doctors and the latest technology to get successful. It gives you natural results and lifetime growth of hair on your head. Unlike FUE, this technique is direct hair transplantation without creating holes. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor region on the scalp one by one and then directly implanted into designated area. There is no need to cut or separate the grafts. It is a convenient technique for people looking for the most effective solution with the highest success rate.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)- It is the oldest technique in this medical field. A strip of scalp (from the back of the head) is removed using surgical instruments and then stitched over the area of baldness. This procedure is carried out by using local anesthesia to reduce the pain. But this technique leaves scars on the head. Patients need to follow lot of instructions and take proper medications after surgery. This technique is the least popular in Noida. However, due to low cost, some patients go with this procedure.

Robotic Hair Transplant- In the last decade, robots have emerged as saviors in different fields of medicine. The same goes for hair transplant treatment. The extraction process of follicles from scalp is time-consuming, and one must be cautious while separating grafts. With robotic technology all these difficult tasks are performed easily and swiftly. In Robot hair transplant, follicles are removed by robots and transplanted by surgeons.

Things to Consider before Hair Transplant

Various myths about the surgery and high expectations of the patients from the surgery creates a wrong image in their mind. Before selecting hair transplant surgery for hair loss, it is better to know about important things to keep in mind while visiting the doctors.

  • Thin and dark colored hair usually give the least possible results compared to thick and Grey hair.
  • Do not keep your expectations high for thick hair growth if your remaining hair is thin. If there is less hair density in the donor area while the bald area is big, the patient will not get full hair on the head. Also, in case of thin hair grafts in donor area, thin hair will grow after the surgery on the bald scalp area.
  • Hair transplant is cosmetic surgery, so do not expect any rebate on this surgery from your respective surgeon. However, you can get insurance benefits in cases of burns or trauma.
  • The new hair growth may begin more than nine months after surgery. Also, there may be a need for after-surgery medical treatment. So you will need to wait patiently and visit doctors for follow-up appointments.
  • Smoking and drinking is prohibited during and after treatment.

What to Expect after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Every surgery has afterward effects that depend on the extent of the surgery. Patients take their own time to recover. But you must know the situations that usually arise after surgery. You do not need to panic as these are common symptoms and get better with time.

  • Possible numbness due to the use of anesthesia.
  • Swelling and bruising on the treatment area.
  • Scalp may feel tight than usual.
  • Discomfort and pain
  • Formation of flakes or crust across the area of treatment.

Hair Transplant Cost In Noida

Noida is an economically strong region of India. The cost of living is similar to that of the national capital city. If you consider Noida as a destination for your Hair transplant treatment then you will need to pay a hefty amount. But the cost is genuine because of the facilities provided by the clinics. The average cost of Hair transplant treatment lies between 80,000- 5,00,000rs. However, the overall cost of the treatment depends on the number of grafts, technique, and clinic you opt for treatment.

The techniques like FUE, Bio-FUETM, and DHI are expensive procedures. But what treatment procedure suits you better and how many grafts are required will be diagnosed by the doctor. More the level of baldness, the higher will be the cost.

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant Noida?

Spending a hefty amount of money on cosmetic surgeries seems to be inadequate. But getting surgery to make your appearance more attractive is a necessity. Everyone wants to save every single penny from their hard-earned money. If you are delusional about these thoughts then we have a solution for you. We have listed some of the experienced and economic hair transplant clinics in Noida. You can rely on us and get a consultation from a trusted doctor.


  1. How to calculate the cost of treatment?

Different factors control the cost of surgery. The major factors that are considered during calculating the cost are

l level of baldness

l Number of grafts required

l Surgeon’s fee (depending on the expertise in the field)

l Technique opted for surgery

However, consult a doctor and get the exact cost of your treatment. But, If you belong to an area out of Noida, then your travel charges and living costs must be calculated on your side to avoid any extra burden on your pocket.

  1. Does transplanted hair fall out?

Hair fallout is a natural procedure after surgery. Hair fallout starts within 2-3 weeks after surgery, and the new hair growth will begin in 5-8 months. But you do not need to worry because the new hair growth will last long for a lifetime.

  1. Can Hair transplants be performed on women?

Yes. The hair treatment is suitable for women. But, normal hair loss must not be considered an issue to be fixed with a hair transplant. Usually, women lose 50-100 strands of hair in a day, and they grow back in some time. There are different solutions for women with thinning hairlines other than transplants. However, if the hair loss is severe, leaving bald patches on the scalp, the person must visit a doctor for consultation.

  1. Is FUE hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for hair loss issues. FUE is the latest technique used to grow natural-looking hair that lasts for a lifetime. People who opted for FUE have shown the best results without pain.

Hair Transplant in Delhi | Best transplant clinic

A surge of hair fall issues among men and women in recent years has increased their desperation to get the perfect remedy for hair loss. Some companies providing hair products promise new hair growth and voluminous hair. But, most of those claims turn out to be false. Another option for hair loss treatment is a surgical procedure.

Hair transplant has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures not only in Delhi but also around the globe. It provides visible results and holds a high success rate. There are many surgeons and fully equipped clinics offering hair transplants at affordable prices.

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR

Unhealthy diet, pollution, anxiety, stress, and overwork are some of the common factors responsible for hair loss among youth in Delhi. Over the years, people have become more conscious about their hair and want to have dense hair on their heads which leads their way to hair transplant clinics.

Hair Transplant in Delhi
Hair Transplant in Delhi

We are a team of the best hair transplant specialists consistently yielding excellent results for our clients. Our hair transplant procedure includes pre-operative care to aftercare that reduces the chances of failure. Get a personalized diagnosis with an unparalleled hair specialist at the best transplant clinic in Delhi.

What is Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor area and transplanted to the bald area of the head. It restores hair on the scalp and also improves the appearance of the bald area. It does not leave scars and hair (similar to the donor area) starts to increase after the treatment. Whether the patient has lost their hair due to stress, hormones, genetics, or medications, this hair treatment is suitable for all.

The procedure takes only 4-8 hours to complete and does not require the patient to admit to the hospital. It is usually performed as an outpatient procedure by the surgeon. Hair is usually taken from the healthy hair area or back of the head.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation and Restoration

Delhi is one of those states having the best health facilities in the country. People from various regions of India come here to get treated by the best hair transplant doctors at the lowest cost. Now, Delhi has become a hot spot for hair transplant surgeries due to many reasons.

  1. Cost of The treatmentThe cost of a Hair transplant in Delhi is lower than in other regions in the country. Various packages are specially introduced for patients to reduce the burden on their pockets.
  2. Well-equipped clinics– The technology and expertise of doctors ensure better results in surgeries. It enhances the trust between patient and doctor which can be rarely found in other regions.
  3. Minimal travel: The vast range of clinics within Delhi-NCR reduces the travel time of the patient as they can visit the nearby clinic. It saves time and money.
  4. Follow-up appointments- The patients do not require to visit unnecessarily and will be given appointment dates in advance.

Does hair transplant cost in Delhi?

A hair transplant cost can be expensive based on the baldness level of the patient. Clinics offer various packages to help their patients. The cost of the best Hair transplant clinic in Delhi starts from 35,000rs and goes upto 1 Lakh.

But there are some decisive factors for the overall cost of hair transplant treatment in Delhi.

Consultation fee– Surgeon charges the fee according to their expertise.

Type of procedure– Each hair transplant technique requires different equipment and procedure that can affect the cost of the whole treatment.

The number of grafts– Transplanting a few grafts in the patch will cost less than the whole affected scalp area.

Travel cost– You will need to spend some amount on your travel charges to visit a doctor in a clinic.

How Much Hair Loss Is Acceptable in Hair Treatment?

The patient will need to consult the doctor regarding hair loss. Based on the diagnosis doctor will recommend treatment. Patients with insufficient hair loss as well as with unstable hair loss are acceptable for the treatment. Patients with baldness have an average of 6000 grafts in the donor area. So, they have a sufficient amount of hair to opt for a Hair transplant. However, thinning hair, baldness level, and other factors will affect the results of treatment.

How the Baldness Level is Checked?

The wood scale is used to detect the baldness level of the male head. There are 7 levels of testing baldness.

  1. Level 1- In level 1 of baldness, the male will have a full head of hair without any sign of baldness.
  2. Level 2- In this level, a receding hairline is visible around the temples.
  3. Level 3- The baldness begins to be visible from this level of hair loss. The hairline on the temple looks like an M shape from the front.
  4. Level 4- In this level hairline appear like a U shape as the hairline recedes further. A large bald spot on the crown can be detected easily.
  5. Level 5- It is more severe than level 4 but the small section of hair can be seen between the receding hairline and balding crown.
  6. Level 6- The baldness increases in the area. There is still hair on the sides of the head
  7. Level 7- The affected area increases at this level and the sides of the head start becoming bald.

Based on these levels, baldness is detected.

What are the Types/Techniques of Hair Transplants?

A hair transplant is performed by medical specialists through the best techniques based on the patient’s requirements. Now the question arises what are the hair transplant methods that suit the individual?

– FUE Hair Transplant

Follicles Unit Extraction(FUE) is the latest technique used by surgeons for hair transplants in Delhi. A stereoscopic is used in this method by the surgeon to extract the hair grafts from the donor area and transplant them into the bald area of the head. The reception holes are created in the affected area during treatment and hair follicles are inserted in holes using forceps. This method is performed by the technicians as it requires more expertise to implant grafts in 0.7/0.8mm channels.

– Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

This method is similar to FUE but no channels are created during this surgery. The implanter pens are used to implant grafts directly into the area. However, it is only effective in small bald areas.

– Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair transplant is the most advanced technology used by the hair transplant surgeon. The hair follicles are removed by robotic technique from the sides or back of the head. This technique reduces the chances of injury to follicles. Also, it is a painless method and you can chat with doctors or assistants during the whole process. Most physicians are using this technology to remove hair follicles from the donor area and implant grafts manually.

-FUT Hair transplant

Follicle Unit Transplant is an old technology where a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head. The follicles are then divided into small sections under the microscope and then sewn back to the scalp where the strip is removed. It is the cheapest method but it can leave a scar on the scalp that can be noticeable under a thin hairline.

Advantages of Bio-FUETM over FUE/FUT Hair Transplant

Bio-FUETM is an advanced version of FUE Treatment that results in natural hair growth. It follows the same procedure as in FUE with some modifications. But it is better than the FUE and FUT in various aspects.

  • The procedure of BIo-FUETM leaves no scar or small scar that is not visible to others. However, the FUT method leaves a scar on the scalp.
  • The hair that grows after the Bio FUETM method is highly textured and dense.
  • The implant in this method looks more natural than other procedures because it boosts hair growth in surrounding areas.
  • Bio FUETM provides better and long-lasting results. Also, no maintenance is required after surgery.
  • It provides a booster dose for the already thinning hair which makes it better than other options.


  1. How effective is hair transplant treatment?

A hair transplant is the latest technique for hair restoration. It completely removes baldness and enhances your appearance. With the latest robotic technology and Bio-FUETM, the procedure is more effective and favorable for everyone.

  1. How can I get a Hair transplant?

Book an appointment in the hair transplant clinic and consult a specialist. After diagnosis, you will be asked for tests based on your health and history. If everything is fine, you will get an appointment for surgery. The doctor will direct you regarding aftercare of your scalp and hair.

  1. Will I feel pain during the hair transplant procedure?

No. Hair transplant clinics use anesthesia before performing the surgery. It makes the whole process painless. You will only feel a little sting on your skin during the procedure for just 1-2 minutes.

  1. What is the cost of hair transplant in Delhi?

The cost of hair transplant ranges from 70,000-4,00,000 rs depending on the surgeon and technique. You can contact the clinic to get the exact quotation for your treatment.

  1. Do’s and don’t s after hair transplant?

Follow all the instructions given to you by the clinic after treatment.

Use a mild shampoo and wash your treated hair gently.

Do not use chemical products on your hair for 2 weeks.

Do not exercise or perform any other physical activity for 3 weeks.

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Are you looking for the cheapest hair transplant treatment in Delhi? Then you are at the right place. We provide the best treatment at the lowest prices. But it doesn’t mean we compromise the quality of the treatment. The prices are according to the number of grafts and the method used. We believe in serving patients with high ethics. You can trust us for your treatment process. Book your appointment now.