Hair transplant is good or bad

Nowadays, people have become more considerate about their hair and appearance. Undoubtedly, healthy hair is everyone’s dream and people are leaving no stone in to enhance their look. For Hair thinning and baldness issues, people depend on hair restoration surgeries that have evolved over the years. Hair transplants may have changed the lives of many people, but there is still a debate if this procedure is good. Well, every aesthetic surgery has some cons and pros, same goes for hair restoration treatment. Before selecting a hair transplant as the last solution for hair loss issues, it is better to know the process thoroughly.

Hair transplant Process

The hair transplant procedure involves placing the hair grafts Taken from the existing healthy hair area into the bald area. During the surgery, doctors use local anesthesia to perform painless surgery. The hair follicles from the skin of the scalp are removed using different tools. Then these grafts are separated and transplanted to the target areas. Over the year, many hair transplant methods are introduced and become popular among both men and women. Due to this high demand, surgeries have become common in the world.

The expertise of a surgeon makes the process easier with a high success rate. During the consultation phase, surgeons inform about all the possibilities of getting thick hair after treatment is over. After surgery, the patients are advised to take medications and follow the guidelines. Every step in this procedure is crucial as there are chances of complications in surgery.

Advantages of hair transplant

Now that we learn about hair transplants, let’s discuss the advantages of this treatment. The pros of Hair transplant are listed below 

Minimal downtime- It is the biggest advantage of hair transplant. It takes less time to heal, and the patient can start their daily routine in 2-3 days after surgery. The hair regrows back within 3 months of the surgery. Also, the surgery completes in 1-3 sessions based on the number of grafts. In short, you will get natural-looking hair in a few months for a lifetime.

Painless and scar free- The treatment is non-surgical and leaves no scar. The hair follicles are extracted using needles and tools, so no scar is left. Local anesthesia ensures no pain during the surgery. Patients usually feel a sting when grafts are extracted or transplanted. But they can listen to music, sing a song or have a conversation with the staff or doctors during the session. 


Natural hair regrowth- The hair growth on the transplanted area looks natural as these are your hair. The grafts are transplanted in the same pattern as your original hair. 

Cheaper permanent solution- The hair transplant is an expensive treatment, but if you consider it a permanent solution, then it is cheaper in long run. We spend a lot of money on wigs, toupees, or other hair products to hide baldness. But the hair transplant grows natural hair on your head permanently. So hair transplant is the best cheap permanent solution available in the world.

Disadvantages of hair transplant

The hair transplant comes with various advantages, like other treatments, it has some disadvantages too. 


Hair transplant graft rejection- In the least possible cases, the patients may experience graft rejections by their scalp. The Lichen planopilaris (LLP) may be the reason behind the situation. This disease causes hair follicles to be replaced by inflammatory scar tissues. However, doctors may detect this disease during the examination before a hair transplant. 


Surgical risk- The hair transplant is a safe procedure. But the overdose of medication, wrong injection technique, and other malpractice by the surgeon may harm the patient. So make sure you select the right doctor for your treatment. You will be spending a hefty amount on this surgery, so spend some time researching the right clinic for you.


Hair shedding- Hair fall will start after 15 days of the surgery. But it is not permanent, then new hair will start to grow in 3 months. The disadvantage is that the patient will need to wait for a few weeks to get the hair back on their head. 

Infections- Infections may occur if the patient does not follow the instructions after surgery. Also, some clinics and clinical staff do not provide essential guidance to the patients that affect the outcome of the surgery.


Fee structure- The overall cost of the treatment is higher than other options available. The number of grafts, the doctor fee, and the technique selected will decide the treatment cost. But few clinics provide package options to reduce the burden on patients’ pockets.

Last words

Hair transplant has many pros and cons like other medical treatments. The treatment can be advantageous for many people, it may not be the same for others. There are some cases where the candidates are not eligible for the treatment and the treatment is not useful. But if you are eligible for the treatment and the specialized doctor is performing the surgery, then it is a boon for you. There may be many cons, but an expert surgeon and patient’s determination can diminish all the risks

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