Best Hair Transplant in Meerut

Hair plays an important role in transforming an appearance of a person. A single haircut can make you look more appealing and interesting. But thin hair or baldness can turn the tables. People suffering from hair issues look for solutions that can help them regain their hair. A hair transplant is one of those solutions that not only help you grow natural-looking hair but also give you lifetime results. This procedure involves the movement of your hair follicles from one place to the other place. After a few days, the new hair growth in the area where follicles are placed begins with a natural texture. If you are interested in getting a Best Hair Transplant in Meerut then do not hesitate and go for this treatment. There are more than 4 hair transplant techniques available in Meerut. Your doctor will recommend the best-suited treatment procedure for your baldness level. 

A hair transplant in Meerut is the right choice for people looking for affordable and permanent hair restoration solutions. Also, skilled professionals are available to do the surgery at the clinics in this city. Trust these specialists for your hair treatment and get the best results. However, a hair transplant is the last option for hair loss treatment if all the other methods, like shampooing, spas, conditioning, or medications have failed. 

Best Hair Transplant in Meerut 

In recent years, medical facilities in Meerut have developed rapidly. New technologies and well-trained physicians have made a good impact on citizens. There are many best hair transplant clinics in Meerut showing the best success rate for FUE, FUT, and DHI treatment. If you want to be treated by the best surgeons then visit Meerut. We are providing a list of the best hair transplant surgeon in Meerut. You can check their record and select the rightful physician for your treatment.

Hair Transplant in Meerut
Hair Transplant in Meerut

Hair transplant: Process

The hair transplant procedure is the query of every person who is about to decide on the treatment. The surgery is performed on the date set by the doctor during the consultation. Then the procedure will take place for FUE, FUT, and DHI as follows:

  1. Clinical staff will prepare you for the surgery including shaving your head if you are not designated for unshaven surgery.
  2. You will be positioned for the surgery on the chair with your heads down. Then the surgeon will inject anesthesia and other solutions into the head.
  3. Now, the extraction of follicles will be conducted by the surgeon using tools. 
  4. The follicles will be placed in trays and counted one by one.
  5. After the removal of designated grafts from the donor area, there will be a break where you can have lunch and relax for a while.
  6. Further local anesthetic solution will be injected into the bald area where the grafts will be implanted. 
  7. Surgeon will create the channels using different tools. These holes are created to transplant the follicles into them.
  8. The hair grafts are transplanted into those holes by the surgeon using a high-quality microscope. The surgeon carefully places the follicles in the same pattern as your hair in the donor area. It makes your hair look natural and healthy.
  9. Once the procedure ends, a bandage will be applied to the treated area. The doctor will instruct you about post-op care that you will need to follow at home.

DHI procedure is slightly different from FUE treatment. The extraction procedure is the same in both techniques but the transplantation in DHI is done without creating channels on the head. On the other hand, FUT is completely different from all techniques. It includes removing a strip of scalp from the back of the head and then transplanting follicles to the desired area. 

Why have a Hair Transplant?

People use various shampoos and oils to grow hair naturally. But most of them fail to give results. Then they start hiding their hair loss issues with wigs, hats, and toupees. All these options are temporary and only give a little push to a person’s self-esteem. Wigs look unnatural on a person’s head and make a negative impact in front of others. If you are using different methods to hide your baldness then it is time to visit a doctor. A hair transplant is a method to grow natural-looking hair on your head. This procedure is permanent and grows hair with a natural texture. Now this treatment is available at a reasonable cost and does not burden your pocket.

Advantages of Hair Transplant Cost In Meerut

Meerut is a developing city in India. So the cost of living is not as expensive as in other cities. It means you can get a hair transplant in Meerut clinics at an affordable price. Not only this, you can get many benefits if you choose Meerut for your hair transplant surgery.

  • Latest techniques 

In Meerut, all the clinics use the latest technology to perform any surgery. Hair transplant has many methods like FUE, FUT, Bio-FUETM, and DHI available in this city. 

  • Experience doctors

The doctors hold the expertise in performing operations using the latest equipment. They have a high success rate in their field. You can find specialists for all hair transplant techniques in the city.

  • Guaranteed results 

The expected results are assured to all the patients. 

  • Clinical specialists

As we know surgery is a combined effort of the surgeon and clinical staff. You can trust the experts before and after the surgery. They will provide you with all the essential details about the surgery and take care of your health throughout the process. 

How to find a good hair transplant surgeon?

If you have decided to go for hair transplant treatment then it is time to find a qualified surgeon. Consulting the right doctor is a necessary step, and you must be careful while making a decision. A surgeon must be specialized in performing this kind of surgery. Also, you will need to ask some questions to your doctor or search for information about them before getting treatment.

  1. Qualification and Experience of the doctor.
  2. What is the success rate of their previous surgeries
  3. The number of surgeries they have performed
  4. What kind of surgery the doctor will recommend to you and why
  5. Patient satisfaction rate (usually available on their website or social media pages)

These are the basic rules for finding the right surgeon for you. Also, do not forget to ask about follow-ups if things go wrong after or during surgery. 

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant Meerut?

If you are looking for cost-efficient clinics with high success rates then you can check our list of clinics that are specially designed for you. The hair transplant cost in Meerut starts from ₹60,000-₹5,00,000. The area of baldness and the grafts needed decide the overall cost of the treatment. Also, the FUT procedure is cheaper than other advanced hair transplant methods. You can consult the doctor and get the details of the cost. In addition, you can opt for EMIs if this facility is provided by the doctors.



  1. What are the expected results after surgery?

You will experience hair loss within 15 days of the surgery. Then the new hair growth will begin in 3-4 months. And in between 4 months and 1 year, you will notice 100% hair growth on your head. The hair growth will be natural and enhance your look. But you will need to follow the doctor’s guidance strictly.

  1. What happens after surgery?

After the surgery is performed patient can go home after the surgery, and return to the clinic for the first hair wash the next day. They can return to their routine within 24 hours of the surgery. Also, patients will be advised to not exercise for 7-15 days after surgery. Medications will be given to the patients. The symptoms of hair transplant surgery will disappear 15 days after surgery.

  1. How safe is removing a large amount of donor hair?

The amount of donor hair is decided by the surgeon after diagnosing all the possibilities of risks. The hair is extracted to safe limits to ensure better results and the presence of grafts in the donor area for the next procedure.

  1. Are there any risks of hair transplant surgery?

A hair transplant is a safe procedure performed by a specialized doctor. However, like every procedure, it has some risks that will be discussed with you during consultation. The clinical staff will also share the respective complications that you may have during and after the surgery. 

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