Best Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad 

If you are struggling with hair thinning or baldness, then it is time to bid adieu to these issues. The latest techniques have turned the hair restoration process into a successful hair treatment. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, a hair transplant is suitable for everyone. In India, we have seen a boost in cosmetic surgeries and clinics offering these services at a reasonable cost. But most of us do not know about these surgeries and which doctor we must choose for the surgery. So, here we are to help you. Also, We will inform you about the best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Ghaziabad. 

Best Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad 

Ghaziabad is the center of India’s oil engine industry. It is located in Uttar Pradesh. This city has developed in many sectors over the years. People not only visit this city for their work but also to take advantage of various health services. Many hospitals and clinics are offering medical facilities with comfort for their patients. Also, hair transplant clinics are easy to find in Ghaziabad. Patients have assured of the best treatment by highly qualified doctors.

Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad
Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad

Doctors in Ghaziabad have shown excellence in surgery with a high success rate. People who already have gotten their hair transplant treatment from this city are leading a confident life.

Appearance is one of the main factors that can affect the confidence of a person. Men usually feel insecure due to hair loss or baldness at a young age. They start facing these issues between the age of late 20s to mid-30s. These issues not only shake their confidence but also affect their relationships. So they start seeking permanent solutions for their problem. Well, hair transplant techniques have come a savior in many lives. If you want to restore your hair then get the treatment.

Hair Transplantation and its Methods

A hair transplant is a procedure that involves moving hair to the area with baldness and hair thinning. Having a hair restoration treatment is a big decision and needs to be applied with precision. Various methods used to get the desired results for the patients. The doctor may use more than one technique during the treatment. Here are the popular methods of hair transplantation.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)– FUE method is popular among men who want to keep their hair short. In this technique, hair follicles are removed from one area of the head and transplanted into another area one by one. This method does not leave linear scars on the donor area. Also, it is ideal for patients in the early stage of baldness.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)– FUT method, also known as the strip method, is a perfect technique for people with large bald areas. In this surgical method a strip from the hair-bearing area is removed and then transplanted to the bald area. It is the most successful method as the strip consisting of healthy hair is removed without damage. A patient can truly get permanent hair results. The natural-looking hair grows after surgery. Also, the most number of follicles are implanted in a single session resulting in the least sittings. It is more affordable than other hair transplant options available in Ghaziabad.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)– Direct hair transplantation is the method in which Follicles are transplanted directly into the bald area without creating channels. It is similar to the FUE technique and leaves no scar after surgery. 

What hair transplant treatment gives you?

It is well known that hair transplant treatment is useful to get thick hair on the head. Apart from this advantage, this procedure gives you many hidden benefits.

Natural-looking hair- Your new hair will not possess the texture of hair in wigs and toupees. The regrowth of hair looks the same as the natural hair of the person. The follicles are placed in the same pattern as natural hair on the head.

Boost self-esteem- Natural-looking hair without any scars on head boosts the confidence. Also, thick hair will make you look more impressive than earlier. 

Lasts for a long time- The newly grown hair lasts for a lifetime. But you will need to follow the guidance of your doctor. 

Minimal downtime- You can get on your daily routine just after 10-15 days of your treatment. The recovery time in this process is fast. 

Why choose Hair Transplant In Ghaziabad ?

Clinics in Ghaziabad provide hair transplant treatment at lower costs than in other cities. Also, surgeons are trained in the latest techniques of treatment. All the methods of treatment require the expertise of the technicians that are found in this city’s clinics. Moreover, the clinical staff is well-educated and performs their duties diligently. They provide proper guidance to the patient throughout the treatment, and take proper care after surgery. 

Hair restoration surgery is an expensive procedure. Due to this many people do not go with this option and spend a little amount on temporary options. But you do not need to lose hope. The cost of living is lower in this city, and so is the consultation fee of the doctors. This small concession adds more value to the savings. 

What is the Stage of your Hair Loss?

Hair loss slowly leads to baldness. The journey includes many stages including the starting of the baldness in the crown area to the whole part of the head. The baldness level is usually measured through the Norwood scale. There are 7 stages of baldness on this scale, and doctors detect the level based on the patient’s head examination. In the first three stages, the front hairline starts thinning. Then the baldness begins to appear and expands into other areas. However, there may be a possibility that your hair loss will not match the scale, and the surgeon will detect the severity based on their judgment. So for better knowledge of your hair loss stage book an appointment with a doctor.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Ghaziabad?

Hair transplant clinics in Ghaziabad offer many packages to their patients to make the process affordable to all. The cost of the treatment varies from 65000rs to 4,50,000rs. The portion of the cost depends on the number of grafts implanted during the surgery. If your baldness is in the crown area or at the beginner’s level, then some clinics will charge you under 1,00,000 rs for FUT. The treatment technique is also a deciding factor for the expenses. If your doctor recommends FUE or other advanced options then be ready to spend a hefty amount on your treatment.

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad?

If you do not want to spend all your savings on the treatment then we have special concessions for you. A list of hair transplant clinics with their respective prices is shared by our advisors. You can select the option based on your requirement. We assure you that the cheap prices don’t lower the credibility of the doctors. All the doctors are well-trained, and their clinics have all the equipment for the surgery. Proper measures are taken like donor management, follicles implantation, and use of technology to perform the surgery. You can rely on the diagnosis of the doctor and their recommendations. 


  • How does a hair restoration treatment work?

It is a simple procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from generally the back area of the head and then transferred to the other area. The surgeons use various tools to extract the follicles and transplant them into the bald area. Also, the follicles will be divided into small segments before implantation.

  • What is donor management?

There are fewer healthy follicles available in the donor area and taking the follicles that can give successful results is essential. So a doctor needs to take the correct decision by making a strategy to use the follicles in the best possible manner. 

  • Can a hair transplant cover my whole head?

No. The results of hair transplants are different for different patients based on the level of their baldness and available donor hair. For example, if you need 8000 grafts to cover your bald area, but fewer healthy donor grafts are available, then the results will be less dense hair.

  • Where is the hair transplantation surgery performed?

The hair transplant surgery is performed in the clinic of your doctor. There are special rooms in the clinics assigned for performing these surgeries.

  • How many hair transplant procedures does a person need?

The number of hair transplant procedures depends on your hair goals. Patients may require more than 2 procedures for lifetime results.

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