Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh 

Hair loss has become a problem for men and women around the world. It has led to their low self-esteem at work and in their personal life. Healthy hair adds charm to a person’s appearance. But thinning hair and baldness due to hair loss makes people question if they are looking good or What will their appearance have an impact on others? etc. There is one solution to get rid of all these worries and that is a Hair transplant. In Chandigarh, many clinics are offering the latest hair transplant techniques for their patients

Hair transplant is the leading cosmetic surgery for hair fall issues. It involves your already-grown hair removal and transplantation to the bald area. There are different methods to perform this surgery based on the patient’s requirements. Doctors recommend the best possible treatment for the issue. If you haven’t consulted any doctor yet, then go for it. 

Hair Transplant in Chandigarh 

Earlier, growing natural-looking hair on bald and thin hairline areas on the head was a dream of many. The unnatural doll-like hair wigs and toupees are used to cover the baldness. But now you can get treatment and grow hair that looks natural. The regrown hair can be cut and trimmed like natural hair. In the last decade, hair transplant has made revolutionary changes in people’s lives. It has boosted the self-esteem of both men and women struggling with hair loss issues. In Chandigarh, you will find the best hair transplant clinics providing cost-effective packages based on a per graft basis. 

If you are not sure which clinic is best and who to choose for your treatment then we have a list of top clinics in Chandigarh. Check out the list of Hair transplant specialists and book your consultation.

When is the perfect time to get a Hair Transplant?

People usually have a question about when to seek medical advice or get treatment for their hair loss. As hair fall is common among men and women so it doesn’t mean that everyone can get a hair transplant. The receding hairline to some extent can be corrected by some medications and hair products. Now let’s know about the cases where hair transplant will be the last solution for you.

  1. Intense hair loss- losing 100 strands in a day is common but if you have severe hair fall then visit a doctor.
  2. If the receding hairline is not genetic.
  3. If the patient has recently received chemotherapy.
  4. Male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness has emerged.
  5. If you have baldness more than Norwood stage 4.

These factors are the best times when you can get hair transplant surgery. Doctors do not recommend this procedure to anyone facing hair loss issues. They diagnose and suggest the better option as the solution. 

Advantages of hair transplant in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana and Punjab. There are various tourist spots like Sukhna lake, Rock garden, rose garden, and more located in the city. If you visit this city for your hair transplant, then you can get a good trip to the city with your companions. Other than this, the treatment has many benefits for you.

  1. Best hair transplant surgeons- Surgery is successful if performed by a good surgeon. Otherwise, all the efforts will be in vain. There are plenty of surgeons having expertise in hair transplant residing in Chandigarh. The outcome of the surgeries performed by these surgeons is so magnificent that no one can judge if the transplantation process was ever performed.
  2. Low cost of treatment- The cost of treatment depends on the number of grafts. Further, per graft cost lies between ₹25-₹125. So, the cost of 2000 grafts will be ₹50,000 minimum. If you need more grafts then you will need to pay more amount which can go up to ₹5,00,000. Medicines cost and other services price will be added by the clinics based on their charges. But these are much lower than the prices of the treatment overseas that begin from $5,000.
  3. Use of high-end technology- In this era of technology, everyone is in hurry to get the work done. Also, technology has made the process easier than before. Advanced hair transplant treatment like DHI, FUE, and Bio-FUETM are performed with the latest devices that saves time and gives perfect results. Clinics are equipped with high-performing gadgets in the surgery room as well as other sections. 

Reasons for hair loss

Hair loss has become the main antagonist in everyone’s life. It has affected the relationships of many people. There are various solutions for this issue, but it is better to know about the real causes of hair fall so that you can prevent further damage.

  1. Slow regrowth with aging- The new hair growth takes place naturally when weak hair falls. But, aging slows down the rate of regrowth and results in a thin hairline. 
  2. Hereditary- Hair loss due to hereditary is common among men. It is believed that genes and hormones are responsible for pattern baldness. Women also show pattern baldness but the pattern is slightly different from men. They have bald spots over the crown area, but the font hairline stays on their head. But the man pattern baldness starts with the front hairline receding and then expands to the whole crown area. The surgeon performs the surgery that is effective for the baldness pattern.
  3. Scalp trauma and accidental burns.
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Chemotherapy
  6. Pregnancy

Why choose FUE Hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant is the latest method introduced in the field of hair restoration. With its launch, it has become a popular hair transplant technique around the world. There are a few reasons why this technique is trusted by many surgeons and patients.

Short recovery time

After surgery, a patient can resume their work within 24-48 hours. It is the biggest advantage as everyone wants to get back into their daily routine as soon as they can after any treatment. However, patients may be asked to wear a hat for some days as a precaution in several cases. 

No scarring

The treatment leaves no visible scarring on the scalp. Generally, patients are worried about the scars left after the surgery. But it is not the case with FUE, as the procedure is performed by making small channels of .8mm using needles and other tools. That is why FUE is preferable over FUT.

Advanced technology

Automated technologies are used to carry out the whole process. It turns the treatment into a comfortable procedure for the patients. Also, it has enhanced the success rate of the treatment.

Multiple hairstyle options

The procedure leaves no scar which means you can choose to have shorter hairstyles. People treated with the FUT procedure cannot have short hair due to visible scars on their heads. But FUE treated patients have the freedom to choose any hairstyle they want.

Natural Looking results

The main advantage of this treatment is you will get natural hair texture on your head. It is not like you will have doll-like hair on your bald area after treatment. Your already-grown hair will be grafted to the bald area. It looks as if your hair has grown naturally.

Want to Get Cheapest Hair Transplant in Chandigarh?

If you are interested in getting an affordable hair transplant treatment cost in Chandigarh, then we are here to help you. Get quotations from the best hair transplant clinics. You will get a discount and be allowed to pay through EMIs. 


  1. Do the donor’s hair grows back?

No, The hair follicles removed from the donor area will not grow back into the old area. The hair grows through the follicles that are removed from a site. There will be no hair regrowth at that site in the future. However, if the follicles are not completely removed from the donor area, then you can see the regrowth in that area.

  1. Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

The main aim of the FUE treatment is to give permanent results. But it requires to be performed by a specialist surgeon and needs proper care to get results lasting for a long time.

  1. Will I become bald again after a hair transplant?

After surgery, the original hair will likely fall within 15 days. It is temporary, and the hair will grow back with the hair in the transplanted area. But if you observe continuous hair loss then it can affect the regrowth of the hair in the treated area. So you are advised to follow all the guidelines of your doctor after treatment.

  1. Is Itching after Treatment normal?

Itching is a normal process after surgery. There is no need to worry about the itching as it will not last long.

  1. How can I speed up recovery after a hair transplant?

You will need to follow the doctor’s instructions for a few days to speed up your recovery. Change your sleeping position, mild wash your hair, avoid exercises and take your medications on time. 

  1. Does alcohol affects hair transplant treatment?

Yes, alcohol leads to thinning of your blood which may cause trouble during and after treatment. Patients who drink alcohol during treatment tend to have infections and a slow recovery rate. That is why doctors advised not to drink alcohol before and after 15 days of the surgery.

  1. Do female hair transplants work?

Female hair transplants work better for women without hormonal hair loss issues. If a woman has thyroid or diffuse hair loss problems, the result might not be as expected. 

  1. What hormone causes hair loss?

High level of androgen and DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) reduces hair growth, and hair will fall out once turn old.

  1. When can I see the final results?

The full and final result will be visible within 6 months of the surgery. The new hair starts growing back 3 months after the treatment.

  1. What is the best age to get a hair transplant?

The ideal age for a hair transplant is 35-45 years. However, anyone above the age of 18 years can get hair transplant treatment. But it is advised to perform this surgery after 25 years of age. 

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